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Are you living in peace or turmoil?

For many women with heartbreak, peace can seem lost forever, buried under layers of guilt, regret, and sorrow because they haven't come to Jesus like the woman in Luke 7.

We offer two Bible studies to help you find hope and healing in Christ

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Go in Peace

Go in Peace Bible Study applies God's Word to every issue of life bringing hope and healing to deep heart hurts.

  • Fear is replaced with strength.

  • Anxiety is replaced with faith.

  • Depression is replaced with joy.

  • Loss and grief are replaced with peace.

  • Relationships are restored as forgiveness is found.​

If you want to grow more in the grace and knowledge of Jesus, learn how to disciple others, and discover what it means to Go in Peace, this Bible study is for you.


This is for any woman desiring to go in peace, not just for post-abortive women. 


Time commitment: Two-hour class for 14 weeks​.

Forgiven And Set Free

Forgiven And Set Free Bible Study will take you deeper into God’s Word, where you will find hope, help, and healing from the heartbreak of abortion.

If you are longing for the peace of God's forgiveness, this Bible study can be the first step or the final piece in your journey toward healing and wholeness, which can only be found in Jesus.

Time commitment: 1.5-hour class for 9 weeks​.

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